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The New Life Alliance of Churches (NLAC) is an association of leaders who are men and women of integrity and churches that have a foundation of biblical principles. It does not exclude based on denomination. The New Life Alliance of Churches is a source of credibility and spiritual accountability through association, annual enrichment summits, ministry and administrative excellence, partnership in global outreach, and more.

NLAC was birthed out of that desire to share ministry successes, failures, best practices, and real life ministry examples so that those called to the five-fold ministry could receive spiritual support and oversight, real fellowship, and life-changing instruction. NLAC provides three levels of affiliation: spiritual father to son, mentor to protégé, and teacher to student, in a community of fellow Christian leaders.


As a pastor to pastors, Bishop Vann’s ministry is most expressed by his heart. He lives to love Christ and to love others, and New Life Worship Center Church as well as New Life Alliance of Churches, NLAC, is a bi-product of that love.

From the conception of New Life Worship Center, because of Bishop Vann’s apostolic calling, he has always had a staff of strong associate elders, and ministers. Bishop Vann has tirelessly and patiently counseled pastors, churches and people from all walks of life, investing into their lives on a variety of levels.

As founder of NLAC, Bishop Vann provides, “Modeling, Motivating, Mentoring, Multiplying” to covenant pastors, churches, and ministries. Because of his "keep-it-real" approach to ministry, churches and pastors are drawn to his genuine spirit and approachable attitude. He both encourages and instructs by sharing wisdom and information that has transformed ministries and impacted lives.

Bishop Vann has been a strong pillar of faith, stability and integrity to all who come in contact with him. Bishop Vann has well-established relationships with his peers on the local and national level. Upon his consecration to the Episcopacy, Bishop Vann was asked to become a member of the Hampton Roads Ecumenical Council of Bishops, HRECB, of which he became a part of in October 2012.

Along with being confirmed and consecrated to the episcopacy, after much prayerful guidance and contemplation, Bishop Vann will take on the initiative of developing the NLAC.


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